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When to license your dog

Annual renewals are from December 1 thru January 31. Licensing your dog is a state law and is required when your dog reaches three months of age. If you have a new dog or move from another state, you have 30 days to purchase their tag.

Kennel License

Kennel Licenses follow the same laws as above. All dogs, three months or older, are required to have a tag. The license comes with 5 tags. Additional tags are $1.00 each. Kennel Licenses are only available for purchase at the Auditor's Office. Ohio Law describes a kennel as breeding dogs for hunting or for sale. Selling dogs also requires a Vendor's License. Owning many dogs is not a kennel.

Tag Fees

Dog Tags are $16.00 each. A duplicate tag to replace a lost tag is $5.00 each. To transfer a current license to a new owner there is a form (see link above) and the cost is $5.00. Kennel Licenses are $80.00 for the first 5 tags, $1.00 for each additional tag.

Late Fees

Ohio Law requires a late fee equal to the cost of the license beginning February 1st. There is no provision in the law to waive the fee. The cost of a dog tag will be $32.00. The Kennel License will be $160.00.

How to Renew in Person

Champaign County Auditor's Office

1512 S. US Hwy 68, Suite B300

Urbana, OH 43078

(937)484-1600, option 5

Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00 pm

Note: Kennel Licenses are only available at the Auditor's Office


Satellite Locations:

Note: A processing fee is charged at satellite locations.

Barely Used Pets

844 Jackson Hill Rd.

Urbana, OH 43078


Downing Hardware

29 S. Main St.

Mechanicsburg, OH 43044


St Paris Hardware

114 W. Main St.

St Paris, OH 43072

(937) 663-4251

 Urbana Veterinary Clinic

985 Norwood Ave

Urbana, OH 43078

(937) 653-7326


Click on the link above and follow the directions. There is a processing and mailing fee. A receipt will be mailed to you, along with your tag(s).

By Mail

Print an application at the above link. Send the completed form, the total dog tag fee, and $.50 mailing fee to the address on the form. Do Not Send Cash. A receipt will be mailed to you, along with your tag(s).

Questions & Answers

Must my dog wear the tag?

Yes. Ohio law requires it.

Can I let my dog run loose if they have a tag?

No. It is against the law. Your dog must be confined to your yard or on a leash. Loose dogs can be hit by a car, become lost, damage neighbor's property, injure another animal or person, or be picked up by the Dog Warden. Any of these can potentially cost you a lot of money.

What do I do if my dog is lost?

Call the Dog Warden at 484-1613. You may also want to call the Auditor's Office at 484-1600, the animal shelters, and the local veterinarians. Putting up posters and an ad in local newspapers will also help.

What do I do if I find a dog?

If the dog is wearing a Champaign County tag, call the Auditor's Office or the Dog Warden. If the dog is not wearing a tag, call the Dog Warden at 484-1613.

What do I do if I move?

Champaign County dog tags are good throughout Ohio. Contact us with your new address and phone number. If you move out of state, you will need to purchase new tags in that state.

What are the dog and Kennel laws in Ohio?

You can look up the laws on the internet under ORC Chapter 955.

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